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The IIPM fraud relooked

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Careers360, a new career magazine has relooked at IIPM’s credentials, four years after the controversy caused by an investigative article on JAMMAG. (Read article: “IIPM – Best only in Claims?”)

The initial controversy started in the blogosphere with a fiery post by Gaurav Sabnis, based on, and linked to the JAMMAG report on the credibility of IIPMs. (Read the original JAMMAG article: “IIPM – Tall Claims“)  No points for guessing why none of the mainstream  newspapers found it interesting to report the controversy. The article initiated the review based on the institute’s quote of their rankings on the “Outlook-C Fore rankings 2003”. I very well remember the amount of stress with which they had this rankings advertised on their full page ads. I guess this controversy finally resulted in Outlook having a relook at their data and eventually withdrawing their rankings. Check this out: Caution Notice re: IIPM in Outlook magazine. The Gaurav Sabnis post, reviewing the JAMMAG article, actually invited a lot of backlash from the institute and even claimed to tarnish his employer, IBM’s image due to which he resigned. He resigned primarily to protect his freedom of speech and his employer’s reputation. An explanation here: An Update. Rashmi Bansal, the editor of JAMMAG also had her share of hate from IIPM, read more here: Lies, damned lies and fake blogs.

I never trusted this guy and his institute and somehow knew he would be busted some day. I wrote this institute off a long while ago, primarily for two reasons:

a). An institute that puts out Big Bazaar or Spencers like ads to sell their degrees? What kind of branding is this? Does fiery quotes make a good brand?

b). I know a friend who had to struggle real hard to find a job after his IIPM MBA and finally had to settle with a graduate level BPO job.

c). I would not mind a degree that is not recognized by the AICTE or UGC. But if it is not industry recognized and would not help you in your career, then what is the use?

Going back to the recent Careers360 article, a couple of excerpts:

IMI Belgium is not a recognised higher education institution (neither in the Dutch nor the French speaking part of Belgium). Since it is not recognised it cannot award recognised degrees.
     – response from NVAO, the accreditation organization of Netherlands and Flanders(Belgium) about IMI Belgium, the institute IIPM claims awards the degrees to IIPM students.

“What did you learn?” I ask. “We are frequently taught by students who passed out from the last batch and work for Planman Consulting,” said Ramesh. (a former student)

The “international placements” that IIPM offers are a pretty interesting read too. Any recruitment consultant, recruiting for Middle East companies could give you similar deals.


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June 18, 2009 at 17:54

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